Lexikon / Glossar: Was bedeuten manche Begriffe bei Samdock? (en)

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Here’s a glossary of the terms we use in Samdock. With this, we intend to help you get familiarized with all the branded and non-branded names for features and sections we use across the platform.


A call or video call is scheduled via Samdock. These are different than meetings, gatherings online or offline that happened in the past and get logged in the Activity tab in Contacts.


Every location that an organization has other than its headquarters.

Closed deals

In the Contacts section, the summary of all the closed deals with an organization, whether they've won or lost.

Consent for marketing communications (double opt-in or DOI)

Double opt-in that, although not compulsory by the GDPR regulation, is a very good practice. It consists in getting the opt-in from the user to receive marketing communications from a form, but also getting a second opt-in from an email sent to their submitted email address a second confirmation.

Custom fields

Customizable fields for any contact.

Deal metrics

Overview of all the deals from an organization, whether they were won or lost, and their value in money. It appears in Contact details: Organization.


The initial screen you see when you enter Samdock. It contains statistics and the user's agenda for the day.

Inbound sources

Integrations that allow the customer to receive requests directly in Samdock's Inbox.


The section in Samdock where you can find My inbox (private email), Shared Inbox, and requests fromInbound sources.


The detail of the product or service that takes part in a deal.


Any sort of meeting, whether virtual or in-person, gets logged in the Contacts activity history in Samdock.

Message status

Whether an email has been read, processed, or none.

Open potential

The sum of all open deals and all open leads with an organization could imply won deals in the future.


What comes through the inbound sources from embedded forms, the custom APIMy email, or shared email.  

Shared inbox

Email inbox shared by a group of teammates working at Samdock. For example, support@samdock.com, finances@samdock.com, etc.

Submission settings

The section in the Form settings enables Samdock to automatically create a lead from a form request, and assign it to someone in your team.

Sync with calendar

Occurs when you connect your calendar with Samdock and the information goes both ways.

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