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In this tutorial, you'll learn what Views are, and how to create, duplicate, save, share, and eliminate them.

☝️ A view is a way to organize your contacts using filters and sorts. You can configure different views and save them, or move back and forth between them depending on the information you need at any given time.

Default view

This is the default view, in which you'll be able to visualize contact details, sales stage, state of the deal, attached open tasks, status and quick shortcuts to call or send an email.

If you look closer, you'll see that in All contacts view, the contacts are grouped by organizations.

Contact details

Here you'll get an overview of the basic information of the person or organization.

Sales stage

If you click here, you'll be able to change the view to the different sales stages, like Deals or Leads.

Sort by ascending or descending with the arrows.

State of the deal

Here you'll see if the deal was Won or Lost.

The labels you see here, 1 Won and 1 Lost are placed in the Organization row, whereas the persons attached to that organization will be indicated with a green dot or a red dot.

This is to give you visibility on whether that deal with that person was won or lost, but the status will always be attributable to the Organization.

Open tasks

Here you'll get an overview of open and due tasks.

Click on them to view the details of those tasks. 

Click on the ➕ icon to add a Task.


Here you'll see the status of the contact: customer or non-customer.


Make a call

Click on the 📞 icon to call your contact with the phone number in their information.

PRO TIP: if you're using the same Google account in your phone as in your browser, whenever you click on the 📞 button you'll get the chance to transfer the call to your phone.

Send an email

Click on the mail icon to send an email.

NOTE: if you're a Mac owner, you might have to configure your primary email provider. Check the Recommendations for Mac users.

Delete a contact

Click on the 3-dots button and then on Delete to eliminate the contact. Note that this action can't be undone.

View settings

Click on the ⚙️ to add, hide, show, and rearrange columns shown in the table.

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