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☝️ Contacts are individuals or organizations that you intend to get in touch with to offer your products or services.

In this tutorial, you'll get an overview of the Contacts section in Samdock.

Contacts: persons and organizations

As we mentioned before, in Samdock contacts can be persons or organizations:

  • Persons: individuals, people that you're negotiating a deal
  • Organizations: companies and institutions

Organize your contacts

Right below the title of this section, you'll find the filters to organize the view, the way in which you'll visualize the data.

Export view to .csv

Click on Export view to download this view to a .csv file, exactly with all your selected filters and sorting applied.

Add a contact

You can manually add a contact by clicking on Add a contact from the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on Person if you'd like to add an individual and add all the basic information. 

Click on Organization if you'd like to add a company or an institution and fill in the information.

Search this view

Type any word or term you'd like to search within this view, with all its filters and sorting applied. It can be a name, or even a word like "coffee" if you remember writing that down on a note in a specific contact, for example.

Amount of persons and organizations

The icon to the left indicates the number of organizations within your contacts.

The icon to the right indicates the number of persons within your contacts.


In this section, you'll find all your contacts and an overview of their stage, state of the deal, attached open tasks, status, and quick shortcuts to call or send an email.

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